White Lake

This is Rara Lake, the biggest lake in Nepal. The freshwater lake becomes white in the winter, and varieties of wildflowers cover the green-blue surroundings.

I had a big dream of going to Rara and taking pictures in the heart of winter, so I was excited to see such weather conditions. One day, I saw the forecast for snowfall in the next few days, so I traveled to Rara National Park. I first flew to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu, then took another flight to Talcha Airport, followed by a 3-hour hike to the lake. After waiting three days for the snowfall, I finally got the chance to take this photo in 2018.


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Gorakh, an accomplished photographer from Nepal, has honed his profound understanding and admiration for nature since his formative years. An intrepid soul, he has dedicated numerous years to exploring the diverse terrains of Nepal, capturing stunning images of the landscapes and inhabitants with his expert camera skills.
Gorakh, a globally acclaimed professional photographer and the Managing Director of Agora Creation Pvt. Ltd. has built his reputation on his exceptional photography skills. His work is revered in Nepal and showcased in prestigious locations such as the President’s House of Nepal, the Prime Minister’s office, and many more. Gorakh’s photographs are a testament to his pure heart and dedication, capturing the essence of the mountains and the stories they hold. His remarkable contribution to society through photography was acknowledged with the prestigious Nepal Vidhya Bhushan 2018 award.

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