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Gorakh Bista

Fineart photographer/independent film maker

Gorakh Bista is a travel and adventure photographer/videographer based in Kathmandu. He is originally from a remote village in the Humla district of the Karnali region in North Western Nepal. He began his journey in photography more than a decade ago as a travel photographer. He has since explored and has expertise in all major areas of outdoor plus aerial photography including wildlife, nature, and adventure photography. He now specializes primarily in travel photography and videography. Gorakh has also directed and shot numerous documentaries including Trophy Hunting and Lilumati’s Diary. His landscape photographs have been highly appreciated by the current President of Nepal and are currently on display at the President’s residence, Sheetal Niwas. Nepal Tourism Board, Nepal’s tourism governing agency has also featured his photography. Most recently, he has been working with non-governmental organizations to film issue-based, awareness-raising social documentaries. His work has also appeared in leading national dailies, television, exhibitions and events across the country and internationally. An avid adventure enthusiast. He often travels to remote parts of Nepal and documents images of landscapes never photographed before.

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